Monday, November 9, 2009

EtsyKids: Santa's Sleigh Ride Team Holiday Sale - Second Stop

This holiday season, join the Etsykids Team for a ride in Santa's Sleigh! Starting November 1st through Christmas Eve, participating shops will be sharing the holiday cheer with a shop sale of their choice. Santa will be traveling to each shop to take advantage of these great savings and you can come along and perhaps snag a deal of your own! To help Santa, and so he doesn't get lost, we'll be tracking his journey with a new blog post at each regional stop and highlighting the stores he's visiting.

Check out the link for more detail and the great shops on Santa's stop!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Felt Play Food!

I know that Halloween is not even here yet, but I have just listed my felt play food Cornucopia full of veggies in my shop.
Cornucopia also known as Horn of Plenty with Veggies Set Felt Play Food

This set will only be on sale until 11/10 so there will be time for shipping to you for Thanksgiving!

This is a large cornucopia or horn of plenty made of tan felt and is slightly stuffed to give it stability for standing on its own. Such a fun toy to have for the holidays filled with veggies!

This set includes:

1 cornucopia

2 corn with husk

2 carrots

2 tomatoes

4 green beans

Stands about 4 inches tall

about 4 inches wide

about 9 inches long.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things I wish my kids would just get!!!

Things I wish my kids and even husband would just get!

Not in any particular order Just as I see them.

2. Cell phones do not go in the toilet

1. The sink is not a trash can or is it the recycling bin

Things I wish my kids would just get!!!

Things I wish my kids and even husband would just get!
Not in any particular order Just as I see them.

1. The sink is not a trash can or is it the recycling bin

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get A Free Bag of Chips!!

Buy $25.00 or more and receive a free felt food bag of chips with your order!

Mention code BLCHIP in the message to seller section at check out.

This offer expires on 9/1/09

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still time to order Avon!

Have not placed your Avon order yet?
Thats OK order today (Wed.) by 8:00pm and your order will be in by this weekend!
Great make up sale going on now!
Have a great day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Felt Food and Tori Spelling

What does my felt food and Tori Spelling has to do with each other you ask? Well Liam and Stella will be playing with MY felt play food soon!

So exciting!!!

I was contacted last week and asked to put my felt play food in a basket going to Tori Spelling. Little Peanut Boutique in CA is putting together this wonderful all handmade gift basket together to be delivered directly to the Spelling/McDermott house.

It is so surreal to think my kids and Tori Spelling kids will be playing with the same play food.

Pictures to come soon of exactly what I sent. I just had to tell you the great news!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday Shirts!

This year I attempted to create birthday T-shirts for my daughter's birthday. Well my first attempt in April did not come out good at all. My daughter though did love it. I let her pick out what she wanted and just went with it. Everything just came out too small.

So in June I tried again for my youngest daughter. The Birthday shirt came out so great! So great in fact I made my oldest a second birthday shirt, to make up for the first flub. LOL

These shirts were so much fun to do. They really give you free range jut to be creative which I love!

I think with a little more practice these find there way to my Etsy shop. I want to perfect them first, but I m almost there.
Sorry for the chocolate ice cream spots on the shirt. She was really enjoyed her birthday!

Monday, August 3, 2009


SALE ON MY FELT FOOD COLLECTIONS!!! HURRY ONE WEEK ONLY BACK TO SCHOOL SALE (8/3-8/10)You save $20 or $10. for buying it this week. My collections are in my shop featured Items

Start you Christmas shopping early!!!!!

Whole collection

Mini collection

Saturday, July 25, 2009

School is in the air!

Well I have started to get into back to school mode. My oldest will be starting Kindergarten in September. She is so ready and excited, Me on the other hand, well it is tough thinking my oldest will be going off to school all day without me.
To occupy myself we are in full buying mode hehe. We are back to school shopping. Most of the clothes are soo cute. Some I just do not understand. Are the 80s back and I missed it?
We have found the cutest princess lunch box too.
As a former teacher before children I LOVE the school supplies! All the crayons, pencils, and paper... oh my! These are next
Have a great weekend! I will looking for more back to school items!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Something New Coming soon for Etsy Kids Team

Check out this preview for the online magazine Etsy Kids Team is putting out in August!!!! It will be filled with so much great items and articles!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Poll

What kind of clip works best on your Child's hair?

All hair is different. My girls hair work great with snap clips.

Let me know what clip works best for you Little Love Bug.

I have started a poll over on the side, please vote and help me out so I an better create my clips to be great for everyone.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rain Rain go away!

It has been raining for 3 weeks now. We get a hour and there of sun, but that is it.
I need sun and to be able to go outside and to play on the swings with the girls.
Anyone have any ideas for fun things to do inside with the little lones please let me know. I have done everything I can think of and we all are going crazy now. Help! :)
Rain rain go away and do not come back another day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A little Surprise in Your Mailbox

Here is a fun little way to say thank you for supporting me.
The next person (new customer or current customer) who orders on my site will get a free Avon surprise gift from me delivered in the mail right to their doorstep!
So hurry and order you could be the next person to order and WIN!!!!
Don't forget to use the Free shipping code on the front of my Avon Website.
And the winner is Jill! Check your mail box!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I am going in a SHOP!!!

I am so excited! This week Kindred Handmade asked if I would be interested in having my items in there craft shop in Manie. Well after reading the policies I said I would love to.

This is the first time my items have been in an actual shop!!!! I am going to send my felt Food Collection to them to add to the shop. The shop is called Kindred Handmade in Damariscotta, Maine.

They also have a website my items will be on soon too. Be sure to check it out. I will let you know when my items are on the site and in the store.

I have a lot of checking inventory and sewing to do. I am so eager to have my felt food in an actual shop!!! I plan on mailing half the items to there shop on Friday!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cupcakes Cupcakes

I have just come to realize that cupcakes are very in right now! Every party I go to instead of cake there are cute little cupcakes.

My husband and I recently went to a friends wedding and instead of a traditional wedding cake there were the beautifully decorated cupcake tower!
(I wish I could find the picture)

Then just this weekend my daughter was invited to a birthday party and you guessed it more cupcakes. The cute thing here was each cupcake had a candle and all the kids got to blow out there own candle, not just the birthday boy! What kids does not like blowing out candles?

There are so many things now to make these cupcakes so festive too. Like the cupcake tower I just bought that hold 24 cupcakes. Also all the great cupcake toppers. Like these from my Etsy Friend Traci at T and Little S Designs

Two Years old!

I can't believe it my youngest will be 2 on Saturday! I can't believe she has grown so much. She is climbing up everything. She is my little tornado. If there is a mess she made it. She has such a great smile and so do darn cute it is so hard to be mad at her.

For her birthday I am going to attempt to make a birthday shirt. I tried this with my oldest daughters birthday a few months ago and it just did not come out the way I wish it had. So after looking at tons of number birthday shirts I think I may know where I went wrong now. So here is hoping I figured it out.
Here is my oldest not so great shirt I made.
I embroidered "I AM 5" on it, but it is way too small to see.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Change Up!

Well I have decided to change up my blog a little. I will not only be talking about my felt food items from my shops, but tons of other things too. Such as money saving tips giveaways, raising 2 girls, My felt food, my Avon, and so much more.
Basically whatever come to my mind!
I noticed I am more attracted to the blogs that have stories and helpful tips and I want my blog to be that way too and personal.
I hope you all enjoy my new format.

The Giveaway's 1st Birthday Bash

Hey everyone!
I was just wanting to let you know about The Giveaway's 1st Birthday Bash that will run June 5th-12th. Haven't heard about 'The Giveaway'? It's this great blog that has several easy-to-enter giveaways starting every week!

And the Birthday Bash will be the biggest week ever! There are over $2100 in prizes to be given out! Starting with a
Giveaway Carnival on Friday, June 5th, a Photo Contest on Saturday, Scavenger Hunt on Sunday, regular giveaways Mon-Thurs, a LIVE Grand Prize Giveaway on Friday, June 12th, and Daily Door Prizes. This is going to be HUGE!
For more info on the Birthday Bash, here's the link:

Remember, it started on June 5th with The Giveaway's 1st Annual Birthday Carnival! So if you are hosting a family-friendly giveaway on your blog, you can enter it in the Carnival and be entered to win a great Prize Package, as well as Friday's Door Prize!

And if you blog about this too (before Friday, June 12th) (just copy and paste this post), then you will be entered to win the special Early Bird Prize! Just come back here: and leave a comment with your blog post url!
Hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spring is in the air!

What a great day! Flowers are blooming and the weather is warm. it is that time of year for sunblock!

Avon Skin- so - Soft Bug Guard Plus SPF 30 Lotion is a must have all in one package.

Right now in Campaign 12 there is a great deal: Buy one and get one for .99. You can really stock up for the summer with these prices.

In my house we use the Cool'n Fabulous Disappearing Color on the kids. They love putting on sun screen now and love to make the blue color just disappear like magic!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I need your help

I am trying to get my felt hair clips going and I just can not decide on how to sell them in my shop.

Here are the options I was thinking
1. as singles for $2.00 each
2. as a set of 2 for $3.50 a set
3. or option 1 and 2 in my shop for each clip so buyers have an option for what they would like

what do you think I should do?
Please vote to the right and if you have any other ideas please leave a comment here

thanks Jocelyn

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Etsy Kids Team Spotlight- Love 2 Sparkle Boutique

I recently purchased from Love 2 Sparkle Boutique two Going to the Zoo Hair Clips Set Clippies Bow Clips Non Slip. They are so wonderful. In my six non slip hair clips we have a monkey, bear, giraffe, lion, zebra, and pink elephant. They clippies are hand sewn with unbelievable detail. The zebra mane is made of not one straight black ribbon, but about 15 small pieces of ribbon hand sewn on to the zebra’s neck. So much work went into these hair clips.

I am so happy with my purchase from Love 2 Sparkle Boutique!
We gave these to my daughter for her 5th birthday and she fell in love with them. Throughout the day she wore all of them at one point or another. I can’t say enough great things: great communication, very fast shipping, wonderful prices, and such amazing detail and work was put into my daughters hair clips.

Not to mention I love to support shops in my area she lives rather close to me in Springfield, MA so she is also an Etsy Kids Team New England Member.

Shop with her at:

Enjoy your Day!
The Little LOVE Bug

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Giveaway!!!!!

You have to check out this giveaway on the Spotted Box!!!

I have offered my brand new Classic Lunch Set Felt Play Food a $15.00 value!!!!

If you NEED your own Lunch Set right now please see my shops


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Free Shipping!!!

This week I am offering Free Shipping in my Shop all week on all orders! 4/18-4/25

Take advantage on the great money saving sale!
Get more for your money!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kits for Kids

I am always looking for crafts, kits, and ideas for my kids to do on a rainy day or just when I need a few minutes to talk on the phone. Here are some great Etsy Kids Team Member Shops that have just what I am looking for.

Children's Woodland

This shop has a great variety of kits for kids. From ABC craft kits to Elmo, Thomas, and Dora ones.

"All the colorful and creative children's items that you see in my store are created to help young children learn important skills while having fun at the same time! The enjoyment I get from creating my work is increased by knowing that my creations are being enjoyed by someone that is special to you!"-Children's Woodland

And Then

This shop has some classic kid kit crafts. Such as: Stain glass butterfly, handprint sun, fish aquarium, and rocketship to name a few.

And Then "craft kits are made with love and kid-tested. I have done all the parent grunt-work (research, shopping, prep-work, organization), and assembled most of the craft supplies in a cute reusable box (you might need to supply something simple like scissors or a little tape). All you need to do is sit down with a kid kit and the special little person in your life and have some quality time!"- And Then

Baby Kays Boutique

Has some oh so cute no sew tutu ebooks! We are all about tutus in our house! Even if your child can not manage this diy tutu you (or an older child) can create it and your little one can help embellish it.

And to make things ever better this shop is having sale on there ebooks. Visit her sit for details.

And lets not for forget the older children

Fabric Boutique

Here are some DIY Fabric Flower Brooch/Pin or Hair Clip Kit. I have been eyeing these for a while. They come in every color you can imagine.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Your Avon Lady Calling with a Deal!

I am now selling Avon!

I have my own Avon website with direct shipping to you. You do not have to be in my area to buy Avon from me. And to make it even better here is a Free Direct shipping code: RFSC9

This code is good in my Avon store for all direct shipping orders over $10.00.

Hurry Offer expires on Tuesday April 14th.

So please visit my Avon website

Be sure to register on my Avon website to receive great deals and discounts!

Thanks so much

Jocelyn your Independent Avon Representative

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Basket Craft for the Kids!

Well I just realized that Friday is a no school day. Oh no what to do with the kids? Well I found this great craft today on on how to make a cute Easter Egg Basket.

Here is what you need:
Basket template (see Step 1)
Poster board square, 11 by 11 inches (for the base around which you weave the fabric)
Dyed T-shirt strips- I personally will use yarn with my 4 year old to do this
Tacky glue

1. print out the Easter basket template.

2. Trace the template onto the poster board square and cut it out.

3. Tie a knot at the end of 1 fabric strip and pull the knot between 2 panels of the base (B).

4. Weave the strip alternately over and under the panels (B and C). Glue the unknotted end of the fabric strip to the base.

5. Knot the end of each new strip and tuck the knot under an unglued section of a previously woven strip. After 3 or 4 strips are completed, gently fold the basket panels up so they begin coming together (C) to form a widemouthed basket (D). Tip: Don't squeeze the sides in too tightly as you work, or the basket will become too narrow at the top.

6. If necessary, use a dab or two of tacky glue to secure the fabric to the poster board, especially around the top. Let it dry.

7. Trim any excess poster board at the top, making sure there's still enough to support the topmost fabric strip. 8. Line the basket with straw or grass. Add eggs!

Here is the link which shows pictures on the steps:

Hey even if it does not come out perfect your kids were busy on a no school day for a little while!

I just found another craft from This one is a video on how to do 3 Egg carton crafts for Easter/ spring


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Great New Item in My Shop!

This is such a great set. Remember growing up and being sent to school with a paper bag for lunch filled with A Peanut Butter and Jelly (or fluff) Sandwhich with a healthy banana? Well now you kids can play with their own classic school lunch felt set.Here is what is included in this Felt set:
2 slices of bread
1 Peanut Butter
1 Jelly
1 fluff
1 banana with removable peel
1 machine embroidered felt LUNCH Paper bag (8 inches tall and 6 inches wide)

Find it in Both of my shops:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ever wonder???

Have you ever wondered "Am I in any Etsy Treasuries right now?" Well so have I and to search all the Treasuries list everyday is just not going to happen. Well let's face it if the person who made the Treasury does not tell you you have no clue do you?

Well now you can search very quickly and easy. Craftopolis has a search for you!

Just type in your Etsy user name and all of the treasuries you are in appear in one place for you to look at. I have searched my shop here and there over the past 2 weeks and I have found a Treasury I was in and had no clue. Such a high knowing others like your items so much they put you in a Treasury!

Just thought I would share this great site!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great Giveaway!

You need to check out the great giveaway from one of my Etsy friends, T &S Little Designs

Check out Monkey Tree Creations blog who is hosting this great giveaway!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I have found the deal of a lifetime on little girls hair bows. They not only cute and a deal, but so well put together!! My two little ones were getting a little tired of only wearing my felt hair clips so I knew when they asked for bows I needed to start looking for some cutie puttee hair bows. My search started and ended with Beloved Enchanted. As I always do when I do a search on Etsy I filter my search by price. Well Beloved Enchanted was one of the lowest priced in my search. So I check out her shop and so many bows to choose from I was overwhelmed LOL. But when I saw her 10 for $10.00 listing I was sold. I really did not care or have time to search all the listings so I asked for a 10 for $10 surprise. And boy did she surprise me. I LOVED every single bow she sent. My plan was to save all these great bows to stuff Easter eggs on Easter for our egg hunt, but I loved them so much I gave them to my daughters right away!!!! They loved them too. Now I am doing a trade with Beloved Enchanted to fill those Easter Eggs with more BOWS! Hey a girl can never have enough bows!

You really have to check out her shop

Dede is so great to work with and such a nice person!

Here are the first set of bows I bought from Dede. I can't wait for my second package to come from her. I have promised myself to wait to give it to the girls till Eater from the Big Bunny himself!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Etsy Kids March Challenge


Here is the voting link for the Etsy Kids Team March Challenge.

I submitted my Very Hungry Caterpillar and Leaf Felt Hair Clip Set.
I am #41

Enjoy all the wonderful submissions

Monday, March 23, 2009

DIY Easter Chic Hatching Out of Egg Felt Hair Clip Directions

Here are directions for your Spotted Box DIY Easter Egg Felt Hair Clip. If you did not get this Felt Hair DIY hair clip please see my shop for one of your own kits.

Now this is my first attempt to Create directions for a DIY felt Hair Clip Kit so please bare with me and let me know how these are.

Here we go:

Here is the kit a you received it in your March Spotted Box. Most items have been provided here for you. All you need is a needle to sew and scissors to cut the thread at the end.

1. Your it kit includes: 1 yellow felt chic oval, 1 snap hair clip, 1 very long more than enough piece of embroidery thread, 1 felt egg shape.

2. thread your embroidery thread and tie a knot at the end.

3. Cut a small hold/slice at the towards the bottom of the felt egg shapes and poke snap clip through hole as shown in these 2 pictures.

Pictures show front and back view. The large part of the snap clip should be inside the felt piece.

The back of the hair clip is shown here. This will be the only part of the snap clip shown once your hair clip is completed.

4. Next thread your needle through the oval part of the felt piece as shown here. The knot you tied before will be inside the hair clip. As shown below.

5. Close the egg felt piece so the cracked part is over the yellow felt and snap clip and adjust the yellow oval felt chic piece so it just peeks out of the egg.

6. Your thread is now coming out of the back of the felt egg piece thread it through both felt pieces as shown here.

7. Now thread the needle and thread through the front and back layer of felt to create your first stitch. as Shown below.

8. continue to do this sewing all around the egg.

9. On your last stitch sew as you would normally through to the back layer of felt.

10. Now sew through the back layer only. So your needle and thread will be in between the two layers of felt.

11. Tie a knot with your embroidery thread as close as you can in between the two pieces of felt. It helps to place your needle in the knot to create a nice tight knot. Then pull out needle once knot is completed.

12. Next thread needle and thread in between the middle of the 2 pieces of felt to the other side. Pull knot though to hid in the clip.

13. Now sew the top of the egg above the chic. This is not necessary for the clip, but make it look finished.

13. Follow step 11 to tie the end knot.

14. Now with your thread and needle sew 2 stitches for the little Chic's eyes. Do these stitches just above the cracked part of the egg so it appears the chic is peeking out of the egg.

15. If you would like you can add 3 more stitches to the top of the chic head to create colorful feathers on top of the chic head.

16. Also if desired you can use the rest of the embroidery thread in your kit to create a design on the Easter Egg


Happy Easter!
Here is a finished one you can buy in my shop!

Please let me know how this DIY kit is. I plan to offer more kits in my shop, but want to perfect my instructions before I do. Thanks for your help