Monday, March 23, 2009

DIY Easter Chic Hatching Out of Egg Felt Hair Clip Directions

Here are directions for your Spotted Box DIY Easter Egg Felt Hair Clip. If you did not get this Felt Hair DIY hair clip please see my shop for one of your own kits.

Now this is my first attempt to Create directions for a DIY felt Hair Clip Kit so please bare with me and let me know how these are.

Here we go:

Here is the kit a you received it in your March Spotted Box. Most items have been provided here for you. All you need is a needle to sew and scissors to cut the thread at the end.

1. Your it kit includes: 1 yellow felt chic oval, 1 snap hair clip, 1 very long more than enough piece of embroidery thread, 1 felt egg shape.

2. thread your embroidery thread and tie a knot at the end.

3. Cut a small hold/slice at the towards the bottom of the felt egg shapes and poke snap clip through hole as shown in these 2 pictures.

Pictures show front and back view. The large part of the snap clip should be inside the felt piece.

The back of the hair clip is shown here. This will be the only part of the snap clip shown once your hair clip is completed.

4. Next thread your needle through the oval part of the felt piece as shown here. The knot you tied before will be inside the hair clip. As shown below.

5. Close the egg felt piece so the cracked part is over the yellow felt and snap clip and adjust the yellow oval felt chic piece so it just peeks out of the egg.

6. Your thread is now coming out of the back of the felt egg piece thread it through both felt pieces as shown here.

7. Now thread the needle and thread through the front and back layer of felt to create your first stitch. as Shown below.

8. continue to do this sewing all around the egg.

9. On your last stitch sew as you would normally through to the back layer of felt.

10. Now sew through the back layer only. So your needle and thread will be in between the two layers of felt.

11. Tie a knot with your embroidery thread as close as you can in between the two pieces of felt. It helps to place your needle in the knot to create a nice tight knot. Then pull out needle once knot is completed.

12. Next thread needle and thread in between the middle of the 2 pieces of felt to the other side. Pull knot though to hid in the clip.

13. Now sew the top of the egg above the chic. This is not necessary for the clip, but make it look finished.

13. Follow step 11 to tie the end knot.

14. Now with your thread and needle sew 2 stitches for the little Chic's eyes. Do these stitches just above the cracked part of the egg so it appears the chic is peeking out of the egg.

15. If you would like you can add 3 more stitches to the top of the chic head to create colorful feathers on top of the chic head.

16. Also if desired you can use the rest of the embroidery thread in your kit to create a design on the Easter Egg


Happy Easter!
Here is a finished one you can buy in my shop!

Please let me know how this DIY kit is. I plan to offer more kits in my shop, but want to perfect my instructions before I do. Thanks for your help


Tiffany said...

OMG your tute is for righthanded people! LOL I couldn't figure out how in the heck I was supposed to hold the thread OVER THERE, when I would be all crossed over and bent in half. HA HA! (-: This is why I make my own tutes, instead of following others'! Seriously though - it's terribly cute - I just had to look at it when I wasn't half-delirious with exhaustion... (-;

Tiffany said...

Hey Jocelyn - I need your addy for your headache balm sample! email me