Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trade of the Week-- Monkey Tree Crations

Well this weeks Trade was with Monkey Tree Creation. First I have to say the wonderful smell that came out of the box when I opened it was just to amazing for words. It was flowers, citrus, lavender, and just all around delightful. I traded Abi fore her quite a few of her wonderful products.

First is what I think is my favorite Dryer bags made from certified Organic Lavender. I dried some of our blankets with these dryer bags. I love to curl up in my wonderful smelling, and relaxing, blankets at night.

The next item is Bath Tea Bags for Skin care. Yes another great smelling item. I am hoping this will do wonders for my daughters eczema. Cross your fingers!

The next item is Ouchie Balm. I can't wait to see how this works! I have hear so much about it . I plan to have it in my purse for those ouchie occasions outside of the house LOL

The next one I do not think a mommy can live without. Herbal Stress Balm. I used this one right out of the box. And boy doe sit works. I will need more of these. Lets see in every room of the house, purse, and car. With a preschooler and a tornado of a toddler this is a must.

I also got an added surprise in my trade! Sleepy Sleepy Drinking tea. I am so curious about this one among the ingredients is catnip. I think I will use this tonight after the kids are in bed.

What I love about Abi's items is that she has a card with each items letting you know exactly what is in the item and how to use it. It helps so much to know everything especially if you have a house of people with allergies like I do. And if you are new to organic living like me how to use the items is so great!

Thanks so much Abi form Monkey Tree Creations for such a great trade.

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tscrapper said...

I just traded w/ Abi, too! She's been busy! I got most of the items for my Mom's upcoming birthday, so I'll pass along the great reviews to her. I would agree that Abi has a wonderful shop! Please let me know how that works on your daughter's eczema.