Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great Giveaway!

You need to check out the great giveaway from one of my Etsy friends, T &S Little Designs http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5324821

Check out Monkey Tree Creations blog who is hosting this great giveaway!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I have found the deal of a lifetime on little girls hair bows. They not only cute and a deal, but so well put together!! My two little ones were getting a little tired of only wearing my felt hair clips so I knew when they asked for bows I needed to start looking for some cutie puttee hair bows. My search started and ended with Beloved Enchanted. As I always do when I do a search on Etsy I filter my search by price. Well Beloved Enchanted was one of the lowest priced in my search. So I check out her shop and so many bows to choose from I was overwhelmed LOL. But when I saw her 10 for $10.00 listing I was sold. I really did not care or have time to search all the listings so I asked for a 10 for $10 surprise. And boy did she surprise me. I LOVED every single bow she sent. My plan was to save all these great bows to stuff Easter eggs on Easter for our egg hunt, but I loved them so much I gave them to my daughters right away!!!! They loved them too. Now I am doing a trade with Beloved Enchanted to fill those Easter Eggs with more BOWS! Hey a girl can never have enough bows!

You really have to check out her shop http://www.belovedenchanted.etsy.com

Dede is so great to work with and such a nice person!

Here are the first set of bows I bought from Dede. I can't wait for my second package to come from her. I have promised myself to wait to give it to the girls till Eater from the Big Bunny himself!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Etsy Kids March Challenge


Here is the voting link for the Etsy Kids Team March Challenge.

I submitted my Very Hungry Caterpillar and Leaf Felt Hair Clip Set.
I am #41

Enjoy all the wonderful submissions

Monday, March 23, 2009

DIY Easter Chic Hatching Out of Egg Felt Hair Clip Directions

Here are directions for your Spotted Box DIY Easter Egg Felt Hair Clip. If you did not get this Felt Hair DIY hair clip please see my shop http://thelittlelovebug.etsy.com/ for one of your own kits.

Now this is my first attempt to Create directions for a DIY felt Hair Clip Kit so please bare with me and let me know how these are.

Here we go:

Here is the kit a you received it in your March Spotted Box. Most items have been provided here for you. All you need is a needle to sew and scissors to cut the thread at the end.

1. Your it kit includes: 1 yellow felt chic oval, 1 snap hair clip, 1 very long more than enough piece of embroidery thread, 1 felt egg shape.

2. thread your embroidery thread and tie a knot at the end.

3. Cut a small hold/slice at the towards the bottom of the felt egg shapes and poke snap clip through hole as shown in these 2 pictures.

Pictures show front and back view. The large part of the snap clip should be inside the felt piece.

The back of the hair clip is shown here. This will be the only part of the snap clip shown once your hair clip is completed.

4. Next thread your needle through the oval part of the felt piece as shown here. The knot you tied before will be inside the hair clip. As shown below.

5. Close the egg felt piece so the cracked part is over the yellow felt and snap clip and adjust the yellow oval felt chic piece so it just peeks out of the egg.

6. Your thread is now coming out of the back of the felt egg piece thread it through both felt pieces as shown here.

7. Now thread the needle and thread through the front and back layer of felt to create your first stitch. as Shown below.

8. continue to do this sewing all around the egg.

9. On your last stitch sew as you would normally through to the back layer of felt.

10. Now sew through the back layer only. So your needle and thread will be in between the two layers of felt.

11. Tie a knot with your embroidery thread as close as you can in between the two pieces of felt. It helps to place your needle in the knot to create a nice tight knot. Then pull out needle once knot is completed.

12. Next thread needle and thread in between the middle of the 2 pieces of felt to the other side. Pull knot though to hid in the clip.

13. Now sew the top of the egg above the chic. This is not necessary for the clip, but make it look finished.

13. Follow step 11 to tie the end knot.

14. Now with your thread and needle sew 2 stitches for the little Chic's eyes. Do these stitches just above the cracked part of the egg so it appears the chic is peeking out of the egg.

15. If you would like you can add 3 more stitches to the top of the chic head to create colorful feathers on top of the chic head.

16. Also if desired you can use the rest of the embroidery thread in your kit to create a design on the Easter Egg


Happy Easter!
Here is a finished one you can buy in my shop!

Please let me know how this DIY kit is. I plan to offer more kits in my shop, but want to perfect my instructions before I do. Thanks for your help

My March Spotted Box

Well my daughter and I received my Spotted Box Last week and it was great again! Here is what we were lucky enough to get in our Spotted Box.

1. The Little LOVE Bug http://www.thelittlelovebug.etsy.com/ My own sample
DIY Easter Hair Clip Kit See y blog post for instructions!!!

2. T and Little S Designs http://www.tscrapper.etsy.com/

Handcrafted Bookmark

3. Mirasol Farm http://www.mirasolfarm.etsy.com/

Rosemary Mint Lotion

Lemon Lime Lip Balm

4. Miss Onyx http://www.scratchjewwllery.etsy.com/

Nail Art pendant

5. Nature baby Knits http://www.naturebabykints.com/

3 knitting loops

6. Let it Shine Jewelery Design http://www.sherrt19682008.etsy.com/

Bi cone Swarovski crystal earrings

7. I Heart Bowheads http://iheartbowheads.blogspot.com/

Hair clip

8. Wooldins http://www.wooldins.etsy.com/

breast pads

9. Crochet Frog http://www.poladottedpickle.com/

Easter Bunny Crochet magnet

10. Love Abounds http://hyenacart.com/loveabounds

Peanut butter bliss

11. Stylin Baby Cloth http://www.stylinbabycloth.etsy.com/

fabric wipe

12. Babus http://www.babus.etsy.com/

Crinkle Patty Baby Clutch Toy

13. Fluff n Fixings http://www.fluffnfixings.etsy.com/

recycled mailing envelope

14. FOE Your Diaper http://www.foeyyourdiaper.com/

green Fold Over Elastic

15. Natural Madison http://hyenacart.com.nmwoolwashoutlet/

Natural Laundry Soap

16. Country Soap http://hyenacart.com/countrysoapbymarlene

Baby Soap

17. The Melting Pot Candle Co http://www.themeltingpotcandleco.com/

Tulip Soy tart

18. Clear Hills Honey Company http://hyenacart.com/clearhillshoney

Lip Balm Samples

19. Scent-Sory Creations http://hyenacart.com/scentsorycreations

Oatmeal Milk Bath

20. Mama's Bug A Boo http://www.mamasbugaboo.com/

Mama's Bug A Bin Powder

21. I'm Pretty Boutique http://www.imprettyboutique.com/

Bow Hair Clip

22. Kinder Klothes http://www.kinderklothes.etsy.com/

Newborn Hat

23. Distinctive Deals http://www.distinctivedecals.com/

Flower decal

24. Earth School http://www.kandfshops.com/

Down on the Farm Sample Activities

25. Joyful Tie Dyes www.hyenacart.com/joyfultiedyes.com


26. Perennial Piecer http://www.perennialpiecer.etsy.com/


27. DFMI Design http://www.dmfidesign.com/

2 cards

28. Aunty Ann Designs http://www.aunttanndesigns.etsy.com/

Sock Monkey card

I hope I got it all. If I miss labeled some of these great shops just let me know. When our box comes my daughters and I love to go through it together so sometime samples do get mixed up!

My DIY Kits in Spotted Boxes

Here are some of the Spotted Boxes that received my DYI Hair Clip kit. This was my sample for the March Spotted Box!




Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spotted Box Giveaway!!

You need to enter this contest.
A FREE March Spotted Box----That’s right– a March Spotted Box…..100% free thanks to our sponsor fluffnflowers http://fluffnflowers.etsy.com/
Visit the Spotted Box Blog to enter:
Hurry contest ends March 17th!

Trade of the Week-- Monkey Tree Crations

Well this weeks Trade was with Monkey Tree Creation. First I have to say the wonderful smell that came out of the box when I opened it was just to amazing for words. It was flowers, citrus, lavender, and just all around delightful. I traded Abi fore her quite a few of her wonderful products.

First is what I think is my favorite Dryer bags made from certified Organic Lavender. I dried some of our blankets with these dryer bags. I love to curl up in my wonderful smelling, and relaxing, blankets at night.

The next item is Bath Tea Bags for Skin care. Yes another great smelling item. I am hoping this will do wonders for my daughters eczema. Cross your fingers!

The next item is Ouchie Balm. I can't wait to see how this works! I have hear so much about it . I plan to have it in my purse for those ouchie occasions outside of the house LOL

The next one I do not think a mommy can live without. Herbal Stress Balm. I used this one right out of the box. And boy doe sit works. I will need more of these. Lets see in every room of the house, purse, and car. With a preschooler and a tornado of a toddler this is a must.

I also got an added surprise in my trade! Sleepy Sleepy Drinking tea. I am so curious about this one among the ingredients is catnip. I think I will use this tonight after the kids are in bed.

What I love about Abi's items is that she has a card with each items letting you know exactly what is in the item and how to use it. It helps so much to know everything especially if you have a house of people with allergies like I do. And if you are new to organic living like me how to use the items is so great!

Thanks so much Abi form Monkey Tree Creations for such a great trade.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kindergarten 101

The following is written by Liz of Daisy Creeks Designs
I read this on Estymoms blog http://etsymom.blogspot.com/ and found it so helpful I asked if I could share it here for all of you in the same preschool kindergarten boat as I am in.

Welcome to the first in a series of blog entries about the monumental transition from pre-school to kindergarten! My name is Liz, owner of http://www.daisycreek.etsy.com/ , etsymom team member and kindergarten teacher. I have been teaching for 11 years, 8 in kindergarten. I have my Masters in Education with a focus on the transition from pre-school to kindergarten and have been a supervisior of student teachers for the last 7 years. When I saw the request for people to contribute to the blog, I jumped at the chance to contribute!
Each month I will focus on one of the many important skills that children should have upon entering kindergarten, as well as ways to practice at home with little or no materials. Please remember, as with everything, each child is different and learns at a different pace. Although you will hear about standards (and yes, even 5 year olds have them!), but we also need to take into account if it is developmentally appropriate.
This month, I'm going to focus on a Listening and Speaking skill: listening to at least 2 directions without asking for clarification. Although this seems like a relatively simple skill, you would be amazed at how many children come to kindergarten unable to do this. I can't even count the number of times that I am expecting my students to do more than one task before they need to be ready to learn. Here are some examples: (1) after recess is over - please go in, get a drink of water and sit down on the carpet. (2) go to your desk, get out your math workbook and your favorite color crayon. (3) stand up, push in your chair and line up at the door to go to music.
It seems simple and yet even my smartest (he's reading at a second grade level) could not put his name on his paper without me literally standing over him... makes it quite difficult to get anything done :) Below is a game that you can play at home to help practice this skill. Not only will your child's kindergarten teacher be hugging you and thanking you, you'll be thanking yourself!!
Game: Simon Says (can also be Mommy Says or Daddy Says)
Objective: For children to practice single and multiple step directions
What You Need: Nothing!!
What To Do: Starting with one request, use the phrase "Simon Says" or other alternates to keep the request(s) fun. For example: say "Simon Says go get a book from your room." When your child has the book, (you'll have to follow them to the place you ask them to go when you are first starting the game) say something like "Go to the couch" and when they start to go, say something like, "Oh no, silly - I didn't say Mommys Says!!" Then say, "Mommy Says go to the couch". You can continue doing this until your child is confident completing single step directions.
Extensions: Continue the game with two or three step directions (more if your child wants a challenge). For example: Say things like "Mommy Says go get a book from your room and go to the couch" or "Daddy Says pick up your socks and put them in the laundry basket." For a little added fun, your child can be Simon! Even thinking in terms of multiple step directions will help your child to follow them with more ease and will give you a little extra help around the house!!
Enjoy the game and have fun! Come back at the end of March for another Listening and Speaking skill (we know how 4 year olds love to talk!!!): Reciting rhymes and songs!! Have a great March, etsymoms!! See you soon, Liz

by daisy creek designs

March Spotted Box Sample and Discount Code Offer!

This month I am trying out a new product as my Spotted Box sample. A Do It Yourself Felt Hair Clip Kit. The kit I have chosen to create this month is for Easter, DIY Easter Chic Hatching out of the Egg Felt Hair Clip Kit (I know it is a long title but it does describe it best). All you need is your own sewing needle the rest I have provided for you. I have not included the step by step instructions in this sample to be more eco friendly. I have decided to post them on my blog to save on paper, so for complete step by step instructions and pictures on how to make your own Easter Felt Hair clip visit my blog http://thelittlelovebug2.blogspot.com/ I will post them on the day the Spotted Boxes go on sale in March 15, 2009.

To buy a Spotted Box on March 15, 209 visit

Please visit my shops to find more Hair Clip Kits, Completed Hair Clips, and a very large selection of Felt Play Food.

Once you have visited my shop please contact or email me and let me know what your favorite item is and I will contact or email you back with a very special discount code. The discount will be very worth it as a thanks to you for your time and letting me know what you like best in my shops
The Little LOVE Bug

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I just wanted to take a minute to thank all my wonderful customers for keeping me so busy. I am so happy you all feel the same as I do in wanting to have safe fun toys for your children to play with.

Right now I am working on 6 orders, one of which is a collection order, and so happy doing it.

Keep those orders coming and have fun playing!!!!

I know I have promised new items and they are coming! I have listed some new hair clips and in the next few weeks I will list some new felt food items, such as watermelon slices and yogurt with a removable lid. The picture above is the new and improved design of my double decker ice cream cone.

Thanks so much for supporting me and handmade items

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've Been Stalked

My felt Play Food Butter has just been Stalked by Etsy Stalker.

This is a photo of my new and improved Butter with removable wrapper. I now do not hand embroider the word "butter" Now it is Machine Embroidered.

How great is that and such a surprise. You need to check out there site it has so many great Etsy items to look at put together in such a gun way!

Thanks Etsy Stalkers!!! You can stalk me anytime LOL