Monday, August 17, 2009

Felt Food and Tori Spelling

What does my felt food and Tori Spelling has to do with each other you ask? Well Liam and Stella will be playing with MY felt play food soon!

So exciting!!!

I was contacted last week and asked to put my felt play food in a basket going to Tori Spelling. Little Peanut Boutique in CA is putting together this wonderful all handmade gift basket together to be delivered directly to the Spelling/McDermott house.

It is so surreal to think my kids and Tori Spelling kids will be playing with the same play food.

Pictures to come soon of exactly what I sent. I just had to tell you the great news!


Jackie said...

Congratulations, Jocelyn! That is really exciting to have that kind of attention-you deserve it. Your play food is really cool!

tscrapper said...

I'm really excited for you! I hope she at least sends a thank you card, but a photo of Liam and Stella playing w/ your felt food would be so cool!

Care said...

congrats! that's awesome!!