Thursday, February 12, 2009

January Fav from the Spotted Box

One of My Favs from the January Spotted Box
One of my favorites from the last few box actually is from dfmi designs! I love the unique cards they have. They really are “Seriously Fun Cards” I plan on ordering some to have on hand so I am covered for any card giving occasion! My husband also loves these cards and wants a set for himself to keep in his desk at work to hand out to his co workers when the need strikes him. We both get a very good laugh when we read dfmi designs cards, so unique!

We love to see that brown paper bag in our box!
They even come with an envelope, check off sign your name and mail.
How much easier can it be?

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erin said...

Thanks so much for the blog mention Jocelyn! Tory told me about it and sent the link to me at the beginning of the week. I'm so glad you liked them. :)We should barter some items!