Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February Spotted Box Best of Box

Well, I would have to completely agree with this months Spotted Box- Best of the Box. At Christmas time Santa brought my daughters a set of Chenille Chef ice cream cones and they are just the cutest! My daughters received a set of three very fun flavors of ice cream cones. They love them so much and play ice cream shop all the time with them.
They are so well made too. The stitching is undetectable and my 20 month old has not “destroyed” it yet, she tries to do with most toys. Very sturdy toy. It has been well tested in our house.
Although I make my own line for play food. or I love the texture and designs of Chenille Chef’s items and look forward to adding a couple more pieces to my daughters kitchen from her shop to add a little more texture variety to our gourmet kitchen.


tscrapper said...

I SO agree with you!! We were lucky enough to get a sample cone in our box, and my daughter and I both love it. It's very well-made, and I hope to add a few more to her set, too.

kreations said...

Those are super cute.