Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Valentine Felt Sugar Cookies

Valentine Sugar Cookies Set of 6 Felt Play Food.

Now tell me these are not so cute!

The top of the cookies are embroidered with valentine words and one is with a heart.

Each one is handsewn around the edges.

For more cookies, words, hearts, or even your child’s name embroidered on a cookie are just a few other things I can do with this set.

Each cookie measures about 2 inches

This item will fit your child's little hands perfectly!

Your child will love these!

What a cute party favor for a birthday party.

There are 4 cookies pictured, but there are 6 in this set of 6.

Love this set so much and just have to buy it check it out in my Etsy Shop!

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tscrapper said...

Those are adorable! Nice work!